Chris & Amy

Welcome to FitSweatLife

Where you can purchase our custom products, read about us and what were up to, keep up to date with some simple DIY, life hacks and just some fun, we’ll also share lots about fitness as we are both obsessed with living and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

About us: 

We are Chris & Amy. we are grateful to be a canadian blog & business. We are proud fur parents to a huge german shepherd husky mix, and a tuxedo cat that we wish would be best friends but sadly are not. 

Chris is originally from Scotland and can put on that accent if you ask nicely, he is a proud father, he is the backend part of this blog handling all the social media, marketing and ordering of this business. When it comes to team shops and all the contact- he is the go to.

Amy is completely obsessed with beauty, fashion, DIY, she likes to add her flare to everything. She is the creative design behind everything we do. 

They both rise early to workout and keep each other completely committed to their goals by helping each other stay on track. They are excited to announce that they have both committed and crushed 100 workouts. Chris completed The Work and will begin Round 2 with Amy in November!!


Here is Amy- she is the creative mind behind all of our customs. When an order comes in you can expect Amy to choose top quality vinyl or Iron on for your customized item. She takes her time hand feeding, cutting, peeling and applying the image to our machines. She prides herself on her craft and loves every moment creating magic for each client we receive. 



Here is Chris- When it comes to social media, marketing, ordering and applying those amazing prints Amy has created- he is the go to. Its his turn to take his attention to detail with every inch of each application. One mistake and an entire item is scrapped. He takes his time applying every print so that each is flawless upon receipt to our clients.