Not Your Mama's Kitchen Table

so you're moving out on your own, officially your own, roommates are just a piece of your memory, but you don't have enough money to buy ALL NEW furniture. I mean really? Who can do that? If you can do that I am impressed but also, email me... I need to know your ways. Ahhhh thats what brings you to me. 

 Lets talk, Let me introduce you to my ways, this is what brings me to this post. "Not your mamas kitchen table!" O was so blown away by this project It all started with a pine table and chairs. This table was purchased from ikea at some point in the 90s. My parents had it as our kitchen table. I thought it was ugly as sin. I worked on it oe awhile. Tirelessly. Read on, to find out how I turned this table ....                                          

         into this.....

 Please disregard this mess... garage                                                                                                                                                DIY are not the most glamorous work spaces. 

So you sit there and go, no I have no talent. I can't do this. YOU my friend CAN most definitely do this! This was my first DIY project. 

Step 1. Sand your project. Use a sandpaper that is rough enough to scrape off the stain and or paint thats on your project, take your time and make sure you get it all off. This will cost you more time if you don't take your time now. 

Step 2. I don't recommend this step, however this is what I did. I used "rustolium" spray paint, in matte white. Fair warning if you choose to do this, Its a huge pain, it doesn't cover all around. I would use a can of flat white pain instead. 
let it dry and apply a second coat if need be. 

Step 3. Tape off the white paint, so that you can paint the rest of the project. 

Step 4. Paint your secondary colour. I used FAT PAINT in robins egg. ** side note LOVED this colour, and paint. It was fantastic for even colour. 

Step 5. Let it all dry, apply a second coat of your secondary colour, If needed, I needed to because you could see the pine through it. 

Step 5.5 roughen the edges up a bit if you like, I didn't. I liked the look I had. 

Step 6. Coat it with a top coat or a wax. I used a chalk paint wax. If you are doing a kitchen table, I recommend using something with more durability. 

Step 7. Stand back and admire your work. 

Initially when I had decided to redo my table I was going to purchase Structure chairs in either "bunny" or "master" to complete this table in a chic look. However when I finished my chairs I was in Awe in my skill ( That I didn't know I had ) and creativity that I kept the original chairs. I mean how cute are they? How could I part with them. 

Things I learned on this project...

1. Spray Paint is terrible. It gets everywhere, and it doesn't cover rounded areas like you would want. I ended up painting the chairs by hand... wasting time in the end. 

2. DIY is no joke. 

3. You can use regular paint from the paint/hardware store to cover your DIY projects. 

4. Robins egg is basically Tiffany blue. When you're painting the secondary colour, paint with caution. It will avoid time painting your mistakes later. 

5. You can make a super ugly tacky table look so chic, YOU CAN DO IT, if only you imagine it! 

Products I used: 

And here I leave you with my "not your mamas kitchen table" in my kitchen

If you have extra paint left over you can make some pretty cute accessories


Paint the insert of a frame with chalk paint, and the outside of the frame with your "accent colour" you have the cutest little chalk board. Do NOT paint the glass, paint peels off the glass. Throw the glass away or keep it for another project.