Store Policies (Shipping, Fees, Team Shops & Returns)



*Select styles are priced individually. Pls visit our site for updated pricing *
Additional apparel available upon request.  

**Team shop pricing will be individually set**

Printing on the front is included in the prices on site.
Any additional printing on the back and or sleeves are subject to additional costs based on each design. Additional prints will range between $5.00- $10.00 and can increase based on design. Please inquire prior to ordering. 

DTF Printing
This is our newest and most requested method of printing. It offers the ability to print multi colour and multi layer or shaded logos. It is applied the same way as a screen print transfer only diff is the feel is a lot lighter and to the touch it feels seamless. 

Screen Printing
Any Printing that is a layered image and or includes multiple colours will be done via screen printing. Each order will need to be a minimum of 15 ( can be a mix of different styles and sizes- as long as the logo isn't changing. Please inquire regarding your image/logo prior to ordering. Anything below 15 will be subject to an additional charge.

Screen Printing Setup Fees
Screen Printing Setup charge is based on the number of colours in the print. 
- One Colour Print $30.00 fee
Each additional colour is $20.00 for each colour after.
( Example - 3 Colour print would be 70.00 to setup)
This setup is a one time charge and all apparel there after would only be subject to the apparel cost. As Screen printing is a very time consuming option, these fees are non negotiable and will be billed at the time of the order. If unsure about the logo print- pls reach out with your logo and we can confirm pricing. 

 Vinyl Printing
We also do press a high number of our customs via the use of vinyl. We use a high quality stretch vinyl that is smooth to touch. There is no additional costs to use vinyl for pressing. The only additional charges are when printing is required on the back of the apparel or front, whichever is beyond the 1st print design. There is no requirement or minimum order to have your image vinyl printed. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for on demand customs. 

Embroidery ( Hats, Toques)
We also offer the option to have apparel embroidered. Please reach out regarding your logo and we can discuss placement and sizing to suit. There is a setup charge to convert the logo and this fee is 40 per order DESIGN. Once the DST file is created you will only be paying the fee per hat, toque etc for you order. Please reach out with any questions regarding this fee.

Sublimation Printing (Tumblers,Mugs, Apparel)
We also offer the option to have images sublimated onto apparel and swag. This is a perfect choice if the image is multi colour and you’d rather the image be dyed right into the apparel. There will be a small additional charge to the order to use this method. Sublimation is primarily used for light apparel or higher Poly blended material. We are able to sublimate on dark apparel. For any questions regarding the apparel option please reach out to us. 

Team Shops
We are always looking to create dedicated team shops for custom apparel,swag and or any merchandise. Please see below regarding all setup costs & applicable design fees. To open a team shop, there is a one time fee of $125.00 which is billed to open the shop. This will provide you with unlimited apparel choices for your shop and logo or team name print. This includes adding mockups for up to 2 logos. Any additional logos provided and in need of mock-ups created will be subject to a design fee. . You can choose any style of apparel from those available to us. Once created then all initial orders can be placed for custom swag! There is no minimum monthly charge nor do you need to have a minimum order placed per month. There are several benefits for clients who open a shop. Pls reach out and we will be happy to explain everything. The shop can then be released to your team for purchase. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding team shop pricing. 
Running a team shop as the lead provides several benefits- pls reach out and we will be happy to explain everything that comes with it! 

Logo Design
When setting up a team shop if you require a logo to be designed from scratch, we can design one for you and work with you until satisfied with your new team shop logo. The cost to design a logo is $175.00 and can increase from there depending on detail required. This fee is billed before the logo is created.  Once created a full transparent digital logo will be emailed to each client for marketing purposes. There are no refunds on custom design work however pls reach out if there is issues with the design process. 

Ordering & Production
We source our apparel from multiple locations across Canada & USA. Delivery of apparel can be delayed for multiple reasons all of which are out of our control. For the majority of orders we are asking for a minimum 10-14 day window for completion. Once the order is complete we will ship and send an order confirmation via email.  

Inside Canada ideally it should be 5-7 with expedited delivery. 
US & International will be 7-10 minimum. 
****AS ALWAYS WITH CANADA POST AND OR USPS OR INTERNATIONAL PARCELS WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYS DUE TO SHIPPING,WEATHER AND UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES*** If you are having issues and haven't received your order please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate. Each situation and order will be handled individually.
We do not offer refunds on custom apparel orders- if there is any issues with your order whatsoever please reach out to us directly. If you do need to return it for any reason or are looking to exchange due to wrong sizing, please reach out to us directly within 14 days and we will do our best to accommodate you. We do ask that prior to ordering you consult the sizing chart listed in every product or reach out to us with any questions pertaining to sizing. 
All orders purchased during any sales event that we run are FINAL. If any orders are created or misprinted due to an error on our part, we will replace it at no charge. The cost of shipping a product back to us will always be the responsibility of the buyer unless there is a defect in the apparel.  Please reach out for return information. Replacement items will only be shipped once the original has been received.