Welcome to the Team BeYOUtifully Made Apparel Shop. Listed below are several Summit pieces first and then a list of team customs afterwards. Included in each style there will be a size guide and bio of each type of apparel. If you have any questions at all based on styles or want to have the print made on a diff colour piece just send us a msg prior to ordering and we can 100% make sure to accommodate!
Pricing is listed in CDN but will convert at checkout to USD. Free Shipping does kick in at $99.00 CDN. If you have any issues at checkout please reach out to us on IG @thefitsweatlife or via email info@fitsweatlife.com
The White Stanley style tumbler can be customized to suit with the team logo and the BODi logo together or one or the other. Pls reach out to order those as we are still awaiting our order so we can manually create each order that will include those. 
Any Questions at all- pls reach out!