Love or Fear? It’s your choice!

What if every moment of your life was presenting you with an opportunity to consciously choose love over fear?

What if underneath all the layers of self judgement and criticism, imperfections and unworthiness, you discovered that you are pure love? And that unconditional love is your divine birth right?

What would you create in your life? How would you show up everyday? What would you no longer tolerate? What truth would you speak? Who would you be if you began to choose love, every moment, every day?

What is love?
Love is understanding, accepting and letting go of what no longer serves you. It is forgiveness of self and others. Love is trusting your process. Love is expressive and heart opening, creative and sensual. Love is grounded and intuitive. It is playful and fun’ it is a feeling. Love is unconditional. And you my dear, you are love.

I see you, I hear you and I believe in you.
Go spread your love with the world, we need it now more than ever!

Love, Laura